Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is often a joyous time of giving, sharing, and spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, this time of year is also shared with a particularly high crime rate. Hopefully the following safety tips will allow you to have a safe and happy holiday season.

At home:

Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when leaving home, even for a few minutes.

Do not display holiday gifts where they may be seen from a window or doorway.

Store gifts away before you go on a holiday trip.
Test smoke detectors.

Use only fire resistant ornaments on your holiday tree and make sure electric lights are in good working order.

Do not leave lights on overnight or when you are away from home.

While shopping:

Shop before dark whenever possible.

Try to coordinate shopping trips with a friend.

Never park in an unlit parking lot or area, no matter how convenient it is.

Lock packages in your vehicle’s trunk. Keep the doors locked and windows closed.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. When possible, pay for purchases with a check, credit card, or debit card.

Teach your children to go to a store clerk or security guard and ask for help if you become separated. Children should never go into a parking lot alone.


The holiday season is also a time of year when people come together and enjoy each other’s company. If hosting a holiday party, have non-alcoholic beverages available for your guests. Also have alternative transportation for intoxicated persons. Do not let your guests drink and drive.

By following these few basic tips, you can ensure yourself a safe and happy holiday season.